The unincorporated area of Greenbrae, which borders Larkspur to the south, is a model community planned and developed by builder Niels Schultz in the 1940’s. With its generally moderate temperatures, persistent sunny days, and beautifully landscaped subdivisions, Greenbrae can feel like a small town paradise.

Although Greenbrae and Kentfield both offer a community atmosphere, they have yet to be incorporated. Greenbrae is best characterized as a residential development of tree-shaded neighborhoods lined with large and attractive suburban homes. Commuters find a convenient home in Greenbrae, located close to the freeway and the Larkspur ferry wharf. High academic rankings, view lots, wonderful housing options, and nearby recreational opportunities are appealing to newcomers of all ages.

Abundant glass and decking grace many homes in this area, drawing in the natural beauty of the surroundings. Many of the homesites offer vistas of the Bay, Corte Madera Creek, or Mount Tamalpais.

This model community was built to support all the needs of the residents in the 6,000 or so housing units including shopping facilities, schools, a state-of-the-art hospital (Marin General) and churches. Special effort was taken to preserve the many oaks that grace the hills of Greenbrae, creating a peaceful seclusion for the single-family homes with hillside views of the bay, Corte Madera, and Mt. Tamalpais. The easy three minute drive to the Larkspur Landing Ferry Terminal and being only sixteen miles from San Francisco make this an accessible home town for those that commute. This town’s housing turnover is one of the lowest in the county, with many residents having been here for over twenty years. It is easy to see why when everything a family could need is always close to home. This community is easily becoming one of Marin County’s most desirable places to live.