2019 Bathroom Remodel Trends

Whether you have a toilet, a small powder room, or a full and spacious toilet and bath, it can’t be denied that bathrooms hold a special place in our hearts (and in our homes!). The average American spends around 30 minutes each day in the toilet and bath, so it’s important that they are as comfortable and pleasing to the eye as possible.

Houzz.com recently held a 2019 study on Bathroom Trends which includes responses from more than 1,300 registered users who had completed a master bathroom remodel in the past 12 months. Take a look at the results here.

Top Style: Transitional

Nine in 10 homeowners change the style of their master bathroom during renovation, and for this study more than one-fifth (21%) choose the transitional style, making it the most popular design style for updated master bathrooms. A transitional style marries the classic elements of a traditional look with the clean lines and subtle color palette of contemporary style. Transitional bathrooms feature elements such as shaker-style vanities paired with sleek hardware, countertops made from marble, quartz or light-hued granite, streamlined lighting and mirrors, a hint of embellishment in the form of molding and trim, and tile in white and neutral hues.

Décor Aid renovation experts have noted that there is a trend towards slimmer bathroom consoles and fixtures, as well as a clean and refined bathroom style with warm tones and a minimalist look.

Top Colors: White and Gray

Neutral tones reign supreme for most homeowners, particularly for the major elements in the bathroom like the vanity, counter, flooring and walls. Gray is the top color choice for flooring and walls outside of the shower, followed by white and beige. White is the most popular color when choosing vanities, countertops, and shower walls.

Neutral tones lend a classic look to the bathroom, and are something that will work great for years to come. Better Homes and Gardens recommend using black as a bathroom accent to change the look of your space, and matte black is a new and unique finish that does the purpose well.

Top Features: Faucets, Wall Finishes, and Floors

Faucets are the most common feature to upgrade during a renovation, but a majority of homeowners addressed other major features as well, including wall finishes, flooring, showers, countertops and sinks. Storage has also become a focal point in an upgrade, with 77% upgrading or installing vanity cabinets, and 31% upgrading or installing medicine cabinets or other cabinets.

With sustainability making its impact in the world of interior design as well, Décor Aid shows a trend towards sustainable materials for bathroom fixtures and equipment. Steel bathtubs and basins last for years, and apart from bathroom fittings, bathroom decor elements made of recyclable or recycled materials will also help to keep your bathroom eco-friendly.

Popular Materials for Floors and Walls: Ceramic or Porcelain and Paint

The 2019 Houzz survey has shown that there has been a decrease in the popularity of natural stone for flooring outside of the shower, and ceramic or porcelain tile has claimed the top spot. There was also an increase in the popularity of vinyl/resilient flooring and engineered wood, capturing a combined 10% of the upgraded floors of those surveyed versus 6% for 2017. Paint has become the top finish for walls outside of the shower, followed by ceramic or porcelain tile.

There is an increased attraction for bathrooms with a more spa-like feel, and natural wood and the clean sleek lines of tile floorings provide this look quite well.